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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Country House Design by Juan Herreros Arquitectos

Built in 130 sqm constructed area, this architects -Juan Herreros Arquitectos converts an existing vernacular structure that formerly served as a refuge for shepherds into a small residence for occasional use. The approach consisted of replicating the original volume symmetrically to conserve the original conditions and technical function of an apparently innocent construction that was designed intelligently where its orientation, ventilation and water collection facilities, etc. were concerned. The interior reproduces the original and primitive compartments for animals, shepherds and forage. In two directions: In north side there are kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. In the south side there are set for dining room, living room and study room. Each compartment contains one single major object like table, sofa, writing desk, bath, bed and cooker which serves to define each space and its use.

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